You are here because…

You are ready to start being proactive about your health, and not willing to wait until you get sick to start paying attention to what your body needs

You are confused and overwhelmed by all the information available online, in books, and in magazine, and don’t know which advice, if any, you should listen to

You are ready to feel like you know your body and what it needs to stay healthy and thrive

You need to trust your body, mind and spirit to be strong and filled with energy, so they can carry you through all the obstacles you may encounter on the way to fulfilling your dreams.

We all have busy lives, juggling work, family, friends, hobbies and a little time to ourselves if we can squeeze it in, so it doesn’t make sense to add health to the list unless something is going badly, right? Well, I disagree. I truly believe that, in order to be the best possible friend, wife (husband), daughter (son), mother (father), coworker, or whatever other title we may hold, we first have to give some attention to our own selves. Once we do, we realize that the time and money we invest in maintaining and improving our health is only a really small fraction of the one we would need to regain it, and the benefits are practically endless.

To help you enjoy these benefits, I am currently offering a one-on-one coaching program that allows us to work closely together over a period of 6 months in order to create some incredible positive changes in your life.

“I loved working with Ana, and I can honestly say, I wouldn’t have stayed on track without her. I’ve tried getting healthy on my own MANY times before, but the effort only lasts a couple of weeks, a month tops. This time, I was able to really go all the way, and create lasting good habits.


I would recommend Ana to anyone who has health goals they want to achieve, and needs extra support and accountability in getting there. She is very supportive, friendly, caring, and invested in the process.”

– Hanna

One-on-one coaching program

Length: 6 months


  • 12 60-minute Skype sessions – one every 2 weeks
  • handouts and helpful resources with tips and information to make small diet and lifestyle changes with big impacts
  • email support in between sessions
  • 1-3 personalized recommendations at the end of each session to implement during the following 2 weeks – and beyond.
  • time and attention to all aspects of health, beyond just food and exercise


Our journey together starts before you have to make any commitment, with a free 50-minute Health History Consultation. During this meeting, we get to know each other, and talk about your health struggles and goals. By the end of it, I have a better idea of how I can support you towards a happier, healthier and better version of yourself, and you get a taste of my coaching style, to help you decide if we should continue working together.




“Ana has been the most helpful and supportive coach I could have in a moment of transition in my life. My health issues feel a lot lighter when you have someone to share them about, as well as my life goals are now on track and addressed as our talks run free not only about well being but also about all aspects such as work, motivation, relationships and self-empowerment. She has a special talent of care and empathy that makes our coaching sessions a pleasant and awaited moment in the week.”

– Sandra

I truly believe this program will be helpful for you if:

  • you’re motivated to create healthier habits, but after reading all the books and online articles you could find, you’re confused about which advice you should follow;
  • you know you should be drinking more water and eating more veggies, but you have yet to figure out how to do it consistently and not go back to bad habits after 2 weeks, when life gets busy or overwhelming;
  • you’re struggling with cravings for things that are not particularly good for you (sweets, fast food, processed carbs, etc.);
  • you neeeeed to have a coffee or energy drink (or 5!) to be able to get through the day;
  • you want to lose a few pounds and keep them off long term, not just until vacation time or “holiday indulgence” time.


Do you have questions or concerns that I can address? I’d love to help – write me a few lines!