Welcome to Summer June Wellness!



My name is Ana and I am a health coach on a mission to help change the way we approach our health.

Through my 1:1 coaching program, I help big dreamers like you take charge of their health so they can go after their big, bold, and beautiful dreams.


My passion for health and wellness grew over the years. The more I researched and learned, the more my views on nutrition, health, fitness, and all aspects of wellness changed and evolved. I know that, as I keep learning and living, they will continue to change many more times, but as of now, this is what I’ve learned to be true:

  • I discovered that health is not one-size-fits-all.
  • I learned with certainty that I don’t have to follow a restrictive, calorie-counting diet for even a single day of my life to have the strong, healthy body that I want.
  • I made big changes to my diet and I understood that I made them because they worked for me, and that they may not all be the answer for everybody.
  • I eliminated processed foods and learned that I naturally don’t crave them – and, most likely, you don’t either.
  • I learned that eating healthy is not about all the bad foods that I need to eliminate, but rather about all the good foods that I can add to my meals.
  • I understood that I can incorporate healthy living practices into my own unique lifestyle – no matter how busy or unconventional it may be – and not the other way around.
  • I realized that having a sweet tooth doesn’t come with attached guilt.
  • I found that health is so much more than green smoothies and sets of crunches.
  • I learned that beauty is always more than skin deep.
  • I started to love my body as it is, and appreciate everything it does for me night and day to keep me alive and well.


My health and wellness journey

Growing up, I was lucky enough to be part of two different lifestyles. For one, my parents owned a small convenience store, so I had access to all kinds of snacks and drinks that weren’t particularly good for my health. However, I also spent a lot of time in my grandparents’ backyard, surrounded by chickens and hens that laid fresh eggs every day, a small vegetable garden and several fruit trees.

This unique situation helped me to become aware of the impact of food and the importance of staying healthy and living well.

As the years passed and I kept hearing or reading about people being diagnosed with terrible, often life-threatening diseases, the awareness turned into worry. To my surprise, many of them were only a few years older than me (or, in some cases, even my age), in their 20s and early 30s.

This worried and scared me because I had so many big dreams for my life. With each story I came across, it seemed like living long enough to make all those dreams come true was becoming unlikely. It started to feel like life was a lottery game and I had no control whether I was given the winning numbers or not. And that scared me.

It scared me enough to start looking for answers.

Through years of reading, learning, and applying that newfound knowledge, I have found some answers. I don’t have all of them but I continue to learn, and I know enough to see that it is possible to live a long, happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

I don’t go through life scared anymore, because the knowledge I’ve acquired has helped me to feel empowered and realize that I do, in fact, have control over my health and well-being.

I know now that, no matter what genes or family history I have, the choices that I make every day are the ones that determine how vibrant or unwell my future is.

After gaining all this knowledge, I realized that one of my greatest joys was to share it with others. Since blurting it out in every possible conversation didn’t work very well, at the beginning of 2014, I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a health coach.

My training and experiences now allow me to gently and purposefully guide people who are committed to making their dreams a reality, towards a life of great health and wellness.


If you believe the same things but are having trouble with putting them into practice and would like someone to guide you along the way, I’d love to support you.



Is there anything else you’d like to know about me that I didn’t cover here? Please make sure to get in touch and ask me directly.